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In 2016, the NSW Government introduced the Start Strong Funding Program. This program increased funding for the children attending 15 hours or more per week, who are aged in the year before school, and children aged 3 years whose family is on a low income. As a result of increasing the Preschool's opening hours to accommodate children attending 15 hours per week or more, Braidwood Preschool received an increase in funding from the NSW Government. This funding was used to reduce daily fees. The 2017 fees per day are:

Preschool (children aged 4 years before July 31): Full day $20.00 

Children aged 3 years (these children are not funded by the NSW Government) : Full day $25.00 Half day (until 12.30pm): $20.00

Reduced Fee for second child in family aged over 3 years: $20.00

Reduced Income (children aged 3 to 5 years): $10.00

Children aged under 3 years: Full day: $45.00 Half Day: $40.00 Second child in family: $40.00

Association Membership:  Joining fee $1.10; Annual fee $2.20

The Preschool is a Registered carer, under Child Care Benefit, and claiming the Child Care Benefit, can result in a rebate of $0.64 cents per hour on fees paid.

Fees are payable for the days your child is enrolled, including days when your child is absent.  Your child may be able to ‘make up’ a day, (where spaces are available), if they are absent on their enrolled day. However this is not guaranteed. Please talk to staff about the possibility of a make up day.

The funding grant received from the Dept is not enough to cover all the Preschool’s costs.  The fees paid by parents and fundraising activities are, therefore, an essential source of income and allow the Preschool to employ qualified experiences educators and to provide a quality Preschool program for our children.

Parents can also help by assisting on a Preschool day.